About Us

Nurturing Pets, Nourishing the Planet.

Unleashing a Greener Pawprint – Where Compassionate Care Meets Sustainable Living.

Our philosophy is simple: provide high-quality, eco-friendly pet solutions that benefit our pets, their humans, and the planet. We’re dedicated to offering products and services that uphold these values, ensuring a positive impact on the environment while enhancing the lives of pets.

Meet the team


Rafik Semaan


Meet Rafik, our visionary founder, who passionately merges eco-conscious living with holistic pet care, leading the charge toward a more sustainable and compassionate world for pets.


Eliot Hayes

Senior Author

Meet Eliot, a seasoned veterinarian, who expertly blends traditional and alternative medicine, offering readers a holistic approach to pet health and eco-friendly care.


Nora Quin

Senior Author

Meet Nora, with her deep understanding of animal behavior, she offers unique, compassionate guidance for nurturing the well-being of pets through eco-conscious care.


Grant Emerson

Chief Editor

Meet Grant, an environmental scientist, who passionately advocates for sustainable pet ownership, focusing on eco-friendly products and practices to reduce our carbon pawprint.


Sophie Vega

Senior Author

Meet Sophie, a talented journalist, who captivates readers with in-depth Q&A sessions and feature articles, shedding light on the human side of pet care.


Miles Dalton

Senior Author

Meet Miles, a renowned pet nutritionist, who emphasizes the importance of organic diets in enhancing pet health, backed by thorough scientific research.